Governing Documents

Five-Year Strategic Goals 2015-2020

  1. Increase and diversify membership
    1. Increase membership to at least 1,000 active members.
    2. Diversify constituents by affiliation and nationality highlighting Saudi nationals and a K-12 awareness and presence.
  1. Complete and full recognition by the Ministry of Education for KSAALT TESOL to function autonomously without sponsors
  1. Stable and democratic governance
    1. Completed governing documents including: bylaws, standing rules, and chapter handbook with appendices.
    2. Fully functioning council and chapters with officer/chapter team roles filled and responsibilities understood.
    3. Diversity, transparency, and sustainability of ethical leadership at all levels.
  1. Fully functioning Special Interest Groups (SIGS) with the minimum of being three SIGs focusing on the following interests:
    1. Research
    2. K-12
    3. Higher Education
  1. Improve the use of technology at all levels of the organization with the minimum of the following:
    1. Fully functioning professional website with online membership and conference registration.
    2. Increased contribution by members (chapters) on websites and social media.
    3. Increased overall presence and traffic on website and all social media.
    4. Online stamps and certificates for participation (online badges).
    5. Electronic mailing list.
    6. Sponsor at least one online training webinar by 2020.
  1. Increase publications presence
    1. Academic recognition and rank for Academic Journal—ISSN or some other marker of status/impact.
    2. Increase contributions and participation in publications.
  1. Increase international presence abroad
    1. High profile presenters
    2. Travel grants to international events
    3. Advertising on TESOL/IATEFL website and other possible venues.
  1. Increase sponsorship for organization growth and functions
    1. Clear guidelines on sponsorship.
    2. Structure for sponsorship benefits including packages for sponsorship.


Recommend by Chapter Teams and Approved by Executive Council on October 16, 2015.