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Thank you to everyone who came to the conference and made it such a great conference, it is not only the people who make the conference, but those who attend create the buzz that keeps people talking.

We are aware that there are some housekeeping issues to clear up for you all and here are our solutions. If you have any further problems you can email the Conference Chair until the end of May, after that all inquiries will need to go through the website contact form.

IELTS Workshop Attendees -Your Refunds:

These will all be done at once, and those who have paid through PayPal. I know that this will mean that some of you have to get money back from friends ultimately, but it will mean that you get the PayPal fees refunded as well because of PayPal’s excellent 180 day money back guarantee. We are putting the details together and as soon as we are ready those refunds will be delivered immediately the funds are available.

Those of you who paid one of the Conference committee or your local chapter rep, the rep will be given the money to give to you.

This may take us about a week, we would be grateful for your patience whilst we do this. We know it is extremely important that you receive the refund and the E-Council has decided to fully refund the conference fee, in spite of there being a no refund policy on conference fees at such a late stage, because it was not your or our, fault that this workshop was cancelled.

Please Note: We will not be refunding membership fees paid at the same time as the conference fees, these will be retained and processed as per my note below.

KSAALT Membership fees:

Many members took advantage of signing up for the conference and renewing or joining at the same time. The way this works is: we have a record of all those who signed up for membership before the conference.

Your records will be sent to the chapter that you renewed under or signed up to.

The Chapter is then responsible for issuing membership cards, keeping you updated and making sure that you are on the mailing list,  NOT the conference committee.

Everyone who paid for a membership on the day of the conference:

I.e. you signed up with Debbie Abbott, Joanna Boulden or Mehmet Aydin, you will be a member of the Khobar chapter. This will not restrict your attendance at any KSAALT gathering wherever you are in the Kingdom, this is a national organisation and a member of one chapter is a member of all chapters.

The Khobar chapter however, will be responsible for your membership cards, sign up details and making sure you are on the mailing list. 

All chapter contact details are to be found on the website at this page, please take advantage of this facility to keep in touch if you need to.

Name Tags:

We apologize for the lack of name tags: this was a printer error, and deeply regretted.


It is always difficult to know when people sign up, whether they will attend.

We did our best to make sure that everyone who had registered online before-hand had certificates, but inevitably, some fell through the net!

We are printing certificates for all who gave Sas or Ali/Eisa their names at the check-in desks, and they will be available to pick up from chapter meetings, if you want them emailed to you we can happily do that.

You could then forward them to your chapter rep to print out for you on nice card!
That way you don’t have to pay out for the card yourself.


Next year will be the 10th Anniversary of KSAALT, and we want to make it a huge success, but we can’t do this without willing volunteers who can help organize.  KSAALT is run by volunteers for professionals, so we don’t always get it right, but the willingness is there.

We need people to step up and learn the processes, so that more people can become skilled in this area.

I can certainly recommend taking on a volunteer role to anyone interested. It has given me experience that I would never have gotten any other way, allowed me to work with some of the most amazingly cheerful and generous people, and given me the satisfaction of a job done – well, well-enough! The benefits of raising your profile, meeting people and knowing you have given the conference attendees a unique experience is a wonderful reward.  If you feel called to help for next conference, I can assure you that you won’t regret the experience. I encourage you to put your name forward to help.

with all best wishes, Edith Reyntiens, Co-Chair Conference Committee.